Creativity stands in stark contrast to living in survival, fear, and with no hope for the future. Over the last 20 years, Eden has seen creativity give life to joy and resilience, problem-solving, and peace in the lives of vulnerable women.

The three bands of turquoise, blue, and gold that make up the Leaf of Creativity Bracelet represent the three areas of creative therapies offered by Eden: Movement, Art, and Music.

As we seek to continue to pivot and innovate our programs to meet the ever-changing needs of the women and girls we support, we must be creative in our approach. From Mask production during the pandemic, to broadening the scope of our work to producing nutritious microgreens, we are always seeking to find creative solutions in everything we do.


Leaves of Commitment sub-collection

To continue the fight for justice takes commitment, determination, and sustainable practices. At Eden, we have been committed to the task of fighting human trafficking, no matter the cost, for 20 years.

Throughout this journey, over time, it has become apparent that there are six foundational pillars, or core principles, that have been vital in the work of Eden.

These pillars stand as guideposts, representing the comprehensive components that Eden offers through our programs, partnerships, and training. Eden’s unwavering commitment to press on and persevere, standing firm in what we know is essential for freedom has led to the transformation of countless lives and futures.

Each of the Leaves of Commitment pieces symbolize one of Eden’s core principles. 


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