Light Triumphs Over Darkness

According to the UN, there are 49.6 million victims of modern slavery worldwide. This staggering figure includes 27.6 million people trapped in forced labor and 22 million individuals in forced marriages. The crime of human trafficking generates US$236 billion in profit annually, affecting every corner of the globe. No country is immune, and no voice should be silent!


Eden provides survivors of human trafficking the opportunity to build a new life. We offer training in various beauty services such as jewelry making, sewing, nail art, and hair and makeup, allowing those who were once physically exploited to pursue a constructive vocation honouring their inner and outer beauty. 

All our jewelry is handcrafted by survivors of human trafficking, who are offered full time salaried positions. By purchasing our pieces, you are directly contributing to the livelihood of these brave women, enabling them to continue in their new profession by supporting their creativity and providing and outlet for their products.



Eden’s Light Triumphs Over Darkness pieces serve as a powerful reminder that, despite the overwhelming scale of modern slavery, hope, action, and unity can prevail. This collection is designed to stand with advocates, survivors, and victims of human trafficking, encouraging everyone to speak up and foster positive change.

The collection features the globally recognized signature blue color, symbolizing unity against the injustice of human trafficking. Each piece includes a unique sound wave pattern pendant representing the phrase ‘light triumphs over darkness.’ Together, we can make a bold statement of support and solidarity, promoting awareness and action against human trafficking. Join us in a global movement committed to ending human trafficking. 



This is Eden - Be Light. Bring Hope. Share Love. 


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"The amazing work that Eden’s doing is changing lives one at a time. And it doesn’t stop with just bringing people off the streets. The restoration and renewal of hope through training of a trade and work placement is something truly admirable and sorely needed in this generation!"

Charissa | via Facebook